OnErrorResumeStreamTransformer<T> class

Intercepts error events and switches to a recovery stream created by the provided recoveryFn Function.

The OnErrorResumeStreamTransformer intercepts an onError notification from the source Stream. Instead of passing the error through to any listeners, it replaces it with another Stream of items created by the recoveryFn.

The recoveryFn receives the emitted error and returns a Stream. You can perform logic in the recoveryFn to return different Streams based on the type of error that was emitted.


new Observable<int>.error(new Exception())
  .onErrorResume((dynamic e) =>
      new Observable.just(e is StateError ? 1 : 0)
  .listen(print); // prints 0


OnErrorResumeStreamTransformer(Stream<T> recoveryFn(dynamic error))
Constructs a StreamTransformer which intercepts error events and switches to a recovery Stream created by the provided recoveryFn Function.


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bind(Stream<T> stream) → Stream<T>
Transforms the provided stream. [...]
cast<RS, RT>() → StreamTransformer<RS, RT>
Provides a StreamTransformer<RS, RT> view of this stream transformer.
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toString() → String
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