Animate routes easily with AnimatedRoute Helper class.

Getting Started

Flutter allows you to use pre-defined global transitions for example:

   theme: ThemeData(
   pageTransitionsTheme: PageTransitionsTheme(builders: {
   TargetPlatform.iOS: CupertinoPageTransitionsBuilder(), CupertinoPageTransitionsBuilder(),

You can customize transitions by supplying your own route, I have implemented a simple helper with pre-defined routes to make your life a bit easier.

Navigator.of(context).push(RouteAnimationHelper.createRoute(buildContext : context, destination : Screen2(), animType: AnimType.slideStart);

You choose one of the following types:

enum AnimType{
  slideStart, slideBottom, scale, size, fade, rotate, cubic

Note that for cubic you must supply currentPage param.

Navigator.of(context).push(RouteAnimationHelper.createRoute(buildContext : context, currentPage: Screen1(), destination : Screen2(), animType: AnimType.cubic);

You can also supply a curve although Curves.ease - which is the default - is the best IMHO


Author: Gal Rom - geromino-apps 9/11/2020 Feel free to use this code however you like.