This package is meant to be use for getting Rounded Clip User Image Tile, It can be used in multiple way

  1. If Network image in not getting loaded and wanted to show a background with random color and initials of user name on center of it.

  2. If want to update the user image to selected icon or any other widget just like Gmail.

  3. It can generate random color which won't be change on refresh if valid radix 16 uniqueId id is provided.



  1. To generate random color for background with unique radix 16 string
  2. To Show RoundedImageWithTextBG if Network image not loaded

Getting started

  1. Call Stateless Widget RoundedImageWithTextAndBG for Widget
  2. Use getColorFromString() method to generate Color from your string

Additional information

For any update or suggestion please raise a PR. It will be helpful