flop function

Logic flop(
  1. Logic clk,
  2. Logic d, {
  3. Logic? en,
  4. Logic? reset,
  5. dynamic resetValue,

Constructs a positive edge triggered flip flop on clk.

It returns FlipFlop.q.

When the optional en is provided, an additional input will be created for flop. If optional en is high or not provided, output will vary as per inputd. For low en, output remains frozen irrespective of input d.

When the optional reset is provided, the flop will be reset (active-high). If no resetValue is provided, the reset value is always 0. Otherwise, it will reset to the provided resetValue.


Logic flop(
  Logic clk,
  Logic d, {
  Logic? en,
  Logic? reset,
  dynamic resetValue,
}) =>
      en: en,
      reset: reset,
      resetValue: resetValue,