A lightweight robots.txt ruleset parser to ensure your application follows the standard protocol.


The following code gets the robots.txt robot exclusion ruleset of a website.

quietMode determines whether or not the library should print warning messages in the case of the robots.txt not being valid or other errors.

// Create an instance of the `robots.txt` parser
final robots = Robots(host: 'https://github.com/');
// Read the ruleset of the website
await robots.read();

Now that the robots.txt file has been read, we can verify whether we can visit a certain path or not:

final userAgent = '*';
print("Can '$userAgent' visit '/gist/'?");
print(robots.canVisitPath('/gist/', userAgent: '*')); // It cannot
print("Can '$userAgent' visit '/wordcollector/robots_txt'?");
print(robots.canVisitPath('/wordcollector/robots_txt', userAgent: '*')); // It can


Lightweight, fully documented robots.txt file parser.