useArtboardSize property Null safety

bool useArtboardSize

Determines whether to use the inherent size of the artboard, i.e. the absolute size defined by the artboard, or size the widget based on the available constraints only (sized by parent).

Defaults to false, i.e. defaults to sizing based on the available constraints instead of the artboard size.

When true, the artboard size is constrained by the parent constraints. Using the artboard size has the benefit that the widget now has an intrinsic size.

When false, the intrinsic size is (0, 0) because there is no size intrinsically - it only comes from the parent constraints. Consequently, if you intend to use the widget in the subtree of an IntrinsicWidth or IntrinsicHeight widget or intend to directly obtain the RenderBox.getMinIntrinsicWidth et al., you will want to set this to true.


final bool useArtboardSize;