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Dart Publisher

A Dart and Flutter compatible library to simplify creating REST based API calls.

For Flutter based applications, this will offload the JSON decoding to a separate Isolate to avoid janking the UI thread on large JSON responses. For Dart Web / AngularDart based applications, this processes the JSON on the main thread because Isolates are not supported.

Using the library

Add the repo to your Flutter pubspec.yaml file.

  rest_client: <<version>> 

Then run...

flutter packages get


The API Client offers the following two built in authorizers.

  • BasicAuthorizer -- To authenticate against an API using the BASIC username / password security models.
  • TokenAuthorizer -- To authorize against an API using Bearer token based authorization.


import 'package:rest_client/rest_client.dart' as rc;


var client = rc.Client();

var request = rc.Request(
  url: '',

var response = client.execute(
  authorizor: rc.TokenAuthorizer(token: 'my_token_goes_here'),
  request: request, 

var body = response.body;
// do further processing here...