Responsive UI


responsive_ui package helps you to create a responsive widget and Nested responsive widgets. Works on all Platforms.

Getting Started

Live demo : Have a look!

It works as same as Bootstrap / Materialize Row Column method, Splitting screen into 12 columns and placing widget by combining column based on screen size.

        children: <Widget>[
                    colS: 5,
                    offsetL: 2,
                child: Card(child: Icon(
                    colS: 12,
                    colM: 6,
                    colL: 4,
                child: Text('responsive ui')


The Responsive UI Package contains two simple widgets.

  1. Div()
  2. Responsive()

1. Div()

Arguments inputs if null / default to
child Widget required
division Division if null defaluts to Division()

Divison() intakes column sizes and offSets.

Arguments inputs if null / default to
colXS (int) 0-12 12
colS (int) 0-12 colXS value
colM (int) 0-12 ColS value
colL (int) 0-12 ColM value
colXL (int) 0-12 ColL value
offsetXS (int) 0-12 0
offsetS (int) 0-12 0
offsetM (int) 0-12 0
offsetL (int) 0-12 0
offsetXL (int) 0-12 0

(XS = Extra Small, S = small, M = medium, L = large, XL = Extra Large)

  • 0 - 0.0 width (gone) (replaced with SizedBox.shrink())

  • 12 - full width (provided by parent widget not screen width)

  • Parent widget should not be a horizontal scroll type widget

  • To offset, simply add offsetS / offsetM / offsetL to the Div() widget with colS / colM / colL respectively.

  • Offset works for their respective column sizes.

2. Responsive()

Responsive intakes List<Widget> or List<Div> with default column/screen size for each widget can be declared.

Arguments inputs if null / default
children List not null / required / empty[]
alignment WrapAlignment WrapAlignment.start
runAlignment WrapAlignment WrapAlignment.start
crossAxisAlignment WrapCrossAlignment WrapCrossAlignment.start
runSpacing double 0.0


  • Responsive widget is a Wrap widget.

  • Responsive & Div() widget need Finite width to work.

  • Div() works with vertical scroll not in horizontal scroll, as it calculations are base on width only.

  • Div() works as expected when it placed as a direct child of Responsive() widget's children.

  • Sum of the offset and the respective col should be <= to 12

Nested Responsive

Place a Responsive() widget into a Div().

The nested Responsive() widget takes the width provided by parent Div() widget and not the screen width


Screen Types

Type Default Size
Xtra small < 375.0
Small 375.0 - 596.0
Medium 596.0 - 897.0
Large 897.0 - 1232.0
Xtra Large >1232.0

Override / Set your default size

Yes, now you can set your own breakpoints, that applies to all the Responsive & Div widgets.

void main() {
  // sample 1
  Responsive.setGlobalBreakPoints(400.0, 600.0, 997.0, 1380.0);
  // Sample 2 
  Responsive.setGlobalBreakPoints(0, 596.0, 897.0, 1232.0);
  // Since the first value is 0 : colXS is always neglected
  runApp(const MyApp());

responsive_ui is made simply using Wrap() and LayoutBuilder() with a bits of logics.

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