You don't need to be worried just because you have to support multiple screens πŸ“Ί πŸ–₯ πŸ’» πŸ“±.

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It's a set of common utility strategies to work with responsive styles with CSS in JS and Flutter


Dart/Flutter 🐦

How to install?

flutter pub add responsive_styles

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body: Container(
  color: context.responsive.value({
    Breakpoints.xs: Colors.red.shade200,
    Breakpoints.sm: Colors.yellow.shade200,
    Breakpoints.md: Colors.green.shade200,
    Breakpoints.lg: Colors.blue.shade200,
    Breakpoints.xl: Colors.purple.shade200,

Learn more looking at the code example with a small implementation

Or this one of the gif with the Web "Holy Grail Layout"

Other demos

JavaScript/React βš›

How to install?

yarn add @displaykit/responsive_styles

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What are the default values for the breakpoints?

  • xs: 0 From 0 screen width until 479
  • sm: 480 From 480 screen width until 767
  • md: 768 From 768 screen width until 991
  • lg: 992 From 992 screen width until 1199
  • xl: 1200 From 1200 and beyond

All values from here came from other libraries and responsive Front End frameworks.

Can I customize the breakpoint base values?

Actually yes! Just follow this tutorial

Resources and features

Feature. Dart/Flutter JavaScript/React
Responsive βœ… ❌
breakpoints βœ… βœ…
GridItem βœ… 🚧
BreakpointsBaseValues βœ… 🚧

βœ… Ready, 🚧 WIP, ❌ Not in roadmap by now, πŸ—ΊοΈ Inside roadmap

Other project stuff


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How to report a bug?

Please just open an issue with a link do a small reproduction of the bug and let's discuss it


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