Getting Started


  • Very easy to set up, beginner friendly
  • Everything is documented + you will be asked to add required values - the rest is optional (no surprising null exceptions)
  • By default, fontSize, icon size and padding are responsive (change size with screen size)
  • Optional: Beautiful gradient for navigation bar and/or buttons (or solid colors)
  • Optional: Change the opacity of the menu bar
  • Optional: Blurred background from the top of the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen
  • By default shows text on selected button (and resizes all buttons), this can simply be disabled via: showActiveButtonText = false
  • Only StatelessWidgets
  • Compatible with Flutter for iOS, Android, Web and macOS
  • How to make the BottomBar float above the body:
  extendBody: true,
  body: SafeArea(bottom: false, ...),
  bottomNavigationBar: ...
  • Colors in the example GIFs below:
    MediaQuery.of(context).platformBrightness == Brightness.dark
        ? const Color(0xff3c3c3c)
        : const Color(0xffbebebe),
    MediaQuery.of(context).platformBrightness == Brightness.dark
        ? const Color(0xffaaaaaa)
        : const Color(0xff969696),

Screenrecording Screenrecording
Screenrecording Screenrecording


  • Add feature requests
  • Merge your pull requests
  • Add Linux and Windows support