This is a simply Flutter plugin to provider, read, write, edit and delete access to Apple Reminders on ios and MacOS.


When the reminders class is instantiated it requests permission to access the users reminders. If permission has not yet been given a popup will appear asking for permission. Success or failure can be determined:

Future<bool> hasAccess()

Apple calendars has a default Reminders List it uses if no list is specified when creating a new reminder. The list can be determined:

Future<RemList?> getDefaultList()

Apple reminders supports multiple lists of reminders. A complete list of lists can be determined:

Future<List<RemList>> getAllLists()

Get all the reminders in a List by passing the to:

Future<List<Reminder>?> getReminders([String? id])

Attributes of a Reminder can be changed or a new Reminder can be created and then saved. Changes inlucde, but are not limited to, marking Reminders complete or not and setting due dates:

Future<Reminder> saveReminder(Reminder reminder)

Delete a reminder by passing the to: Future<String?> deleteReminder(String id) async`

iOS integration

Add the following key/value pair to your Info.plist



MacOS integration

Add the following to macos/Runner/DebugProfile.entitlements and 'macos/Runner/Release.entitlements'

<key></key> <true/>

Android, Web, Windows & Linux integration

As this plugin only supports Apple Reminders, there is no Android, Web, Windows or Linux integration.