This is a simple package that gives a dart app access to Apple Reminders.

Current functionality:

This is the only functionality I need for my app:

  • Get the name of the default Reminder list defaultLit
  • Get a list of all the Reminder list names allLists
  • Get all the reminders in a list getReminders(String list)
  • Delete a reminder deleteReminder(String reminderId)

iOS integration

Add the following key/value pair to your Info.plist



Android integration

There are a number of established packages which give access to Android calendars which include reminders. This app does not provide any Android support.

Possible features to be developed

I'm willing to add more functionality if needed. For example:

  • Mark a reminder as done or undone
  • Create a new reminder
  • Set the start date or dueDate
  • Move a reminder from one list to another