runBusyFuture<T> method

Future<T> runBusyFuture<T>(
  1. Future<T> busyFuture, {
  2. Object? busyObject,
  3. bool throwException = false,

Sets the ViewModel to busy, runs the future and then sets it to not busy when complete.

rethrows Exception after setting busy to false for object or class


Future<T> runBusyFuture<T>(Future<T> busyFuture,
    {Object? busyObject, bool throwException = false}) async {
  _setBusyForModelOrObject(true, busyObject: busyObject);
  try {
    var value = await runErrorFuture<T>(busyFuture,
        key: busyObject, throwException: throwException);
    return value;
  } catch (e) {
    if (throwException) rethrow;
    return Future.value();
  } finally {
    _setBusyForModelOrObject(false, busyObject: busyObject);