Reloadly is a wrapper library for Reloadly that helps Send airtime online with a simple integration


Getting reloadly token Getting reloadly balance More methods in next update

Getting started

Depends on dio :4.0.0



Add reloadly to your pubspec.yaml file:

reloadly: 1.0.0

Import reloadly in files that it will be used:

import 'package:reloadly/reloadly.dart';

Get token

var reloadly = Reloadly();

String token = await reloadly.getToken('YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE','client_secret');

Get balance

var reloadly = Reloadly();

String balance= await reloadly.getBalance(token);

How to Contribute

Want to contribute to the project? We will be proud to highlight you as one of our collaborators. Here are some points where you can contribute and make Get (and Flutter) even better.

Helping to translate the readme into other languages. Adding documentation to the readme. Write articles or make videos teaching how to use reloadly (they will be inserted in the Readme and in the future in our Wiki). Offering PRs for code/tests. Including new functions. Any contribution is welcome!.


Support for doing something awesome.