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Reelevant Analytics SDK for flutter (iOS and Android)

This Flutter package could be used to send tracking events to Reelevant datasources.


Run this command:

flutter pub add reelevant_analytics

See pub.dev for more informations.

How to use

You need to have a datasourceId and a companyId to be able to init the SDK and start sending events:

final reelevantAnalytics = ReelevantAnalytics(companyId: '<company id>', datasourceId: '<datasource id>');

// Generate an event
var event = reelevantAnalytics.pageView(labels: {});
// Send it

Current URL

When a user is browsing a page you should call the sdk.setCurrentURL method if you want to be able to filter on it in Reelevant.

User infos

To identify a user, you should call the sdk.setUser('<user id>') method which will store the user id in the device and send it to Reelevant.


Each event type allow you to pass additional infos via labels (Map<String, String>) on which you'll be able to filter in Reelevant.

var event = reelevantAnalytics.addCart(ids: ['my-product-id'], labels: {'lang': 'en_US'});


This project is a Flutter plug-in package, a specialized package that includes platform-specific implementation code for Android and iOS.

For help getting started with Flutter development, view the online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.