A Flutter audio/volume plugin which provides easy access to volume/audio related info like Volume Level for different Stream Types, Ringer Mode or even Audio Mode.


  • Get volume level based on stream type
  • Use listener to detect volume level changes
  • Change volume level for any stream type
  • Get audio mode
  • Change audio mode(?)
  • Get ringer mode
  • Use listener to detect ringer mode changes
  • Change ringer mode
  • Open do not disturb settings
  • Check status of Do Not Disturb permission access




No permissions are required for the majority of this plugin in Android. However, in order to switch Do Not Disturb Mode on/off you will need to enable this permission. To do so first you need to add the following to AndroidManifest.xml. This will make the app to appear in the Do Not Disturb Access list.

<manifest ... >
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY"/>

    <application ... >

For Android 6.0 and above

For devices with Android 6.0 and above, additionally to the above it is required for the user to grant Do No Disturb Access.

To check if the user has granted the permissions and prompt for approval

import 'package:real_volume/real_volume.dart';

bool? isPermissionGranted = await RealVolume.isPermissionGranted();

if (!isPermissionGranted!) {
  // Opens Do Not Disturb Access settings to grant the access
  await RealVolume.openDoNotDisturbSettings();


Supported Fucntions for iOS devices

  • getMaxVol
  • getMinVol
  • getCurrentVol
  • setVolume
  • getRingerMode (will return either RingerMode.SILENT or RingerMode.NORMAL)

Supported Listeners for iOS devices

  • onVolumeChanged
  • onRingerModeChanged (event can be either RingerMode.SILENT or RingerMode.NORMAL)

NOTE_1: For iOS devices streamType is completely ignored when it passed as an argument and null when it is returned.

NOTE_2: For iOS devices if you call getRingerMode AFTER you have subscribed to onRingerModeChanged listener the listener will stop working. So keep in mind that if you want to use both of them in the same project you need to cancel and re-subscribe to onRingerModeChanged listener AFTER you have called getRingerMode function.


Get Ringer Mode:

import 'package:real_volume/real_volume.dart';

RingerMode? ringerMode = await RealVolume.getRingerMode();
print(ringerMode?.name ?? 'Unknown');

Set Ringer Mode:

import 'package:real_volume/real_volume.dart';

// It will redirect the user to grant DND access if 'redirectIfNeeded' is set to true(default behavior)
await RealVolume.setRingerMode(RingerMode.SILENT, redirectIfNeeded: false);

Get current Volume Level for Notifications :

import 'package:real_volume/real_volume.dart';

double notificationVolume = (await RealVolume.getCurrentVol(StreamType.NOTIFICATION)) ?? 0.0;

Set current Volume Level for Music :

import 'package:real_volume/real_volume.dart';

await RealVolume.setVolume(0.75, showUI: true, streamType: StreamType.MUSIC);

Get Audio Mode:

import 'package:real_volume/real_volume.dart';

AudioMode? audioMode = await RealVolume.getAudioMode();
print(audioMode?.name ?? 'Unknown');

Listener for Volume level:

import 'package:real_volume/real_volume.dart';

RealVolume.onVolumeChanged.listen((event) async {
    setState(() {
      currentVolume = event.volumeLevel;
      selectedStreamType = event.streamType;


  • Add listener for Audio Mode
  • Ensure that Set Audio Mode works for every case