updateValueAndValidity method Null safety

void updateValueAndValidity(
  1. {bool updateParent = true,
  2. bool emitEvent = true}

Recalculates the value and validation status of the control.

When updateParent is true or not supplied (the default) each change affects this control and its parent, otherwise only affects to this control.

When emitEvent is true or not supplied (the default), both the statusChanges and valueChanges emit events with the latest status and value when the control is reset. When false, no events are emitted.


void updateValueAndValidity({
  bool updateParent = true,
  bool emitEvent = true,
}) {
  if (enabled) {
    _errors = _runValidators();
    _status = _calculateStatus();
    if (_status == ControlStatus.valid || _status == ControlStatus.pending) {

  if (emitEvent) {