raw_gnss 📡

raw_gnss 📡 makes it easy to fetch raw GNSS data including GNSS Measurement Events, GNSS Navigation Messages, and GNSS Status Events.

Get Raw GNSS Data On Android

Since Android 7.0, Android exposed the GNSS APIs required to get raw data points opening up the location black box earlier.

raw_gnss allows you to easily fetch the GNSSMeasurementEvents, GNSSNavigationMessages and GNSSStatus via inbuilt streams.


GNSS Measurements

  RawGnss().gnssMeasurementEvents.listen((e) {});

GNSS Navigation Messages

  RawGnss().gnssNavigationMessageEvents.listen((e) {});

GNSS Status

  RawGnss().gnssStatusEvents.listen((e) {});

Example: Fetch GNSSMeasurementModels

    builder: (context, snapshot) {
      if (snapshot.data == null) {
        return CircularProgressIndicator();

      return ListView.builder(
          itemBuilder: (context, position) {
            return ListTile(
              title: Text(
                  "Satellite: ${snapshot.data!.measurements![position].svid}"),
          itemCount: snapshot.data!.measurements?.length ?? 0,
    stream: RawGnss().gnssMeasurementEvents,

iOS does not yet expose raw location data, hence this plugin does not support iOS as of yet.