Easy solution to saving data using Albums from r_core Works without any setup from your console all you need is the details provided by individual stores. Currently supports Firestore and SharedPreferences... More stores will be included soon. Available on all platform and currently does not support live streaming of data.

Aside the provision of stores, it offers a more advance Collection CSS framework different from the original $COLLECTION framework in r_core - $STORAGE. This package offers other final CSS Widgets that extends $STORAGE

  • $heap
  • $queue
  • $wheel

Getting started

Very easy... add r_store: ^<current_version> to your pubspec.yaml, import 'package:r_store/r_store.dart' and there you go 😎.


Store Usage

main() {
  return runApp(App());

fetch() async {
  return await Store.instance.fetch('books', Queries.pageSize(10));

Storage CSS Widgets Usage

build(context) {
  return $wheel(#books)
    ..height = 200
    ..axis = Axis.horizontal
    ..scrollPadding = qp.i(8)
    ..onScroll = (offset) {}
    ..dictionary = [() => NoteAlbum()]
    ..mat3D = [
      Mat3D.scale(tranx(.8, 1) * auxTranx(1, 2)),
      Mat3D.tilt(tranx(0, 30) - auxTranx(0, 30)),
    ..onSelectionChanged = (s) {
      $text(#hola).capture.text = '$s is currently selected';
    ..stream = () {
      return Store.instance.browse('books', Queries.pageSize(10));

Additional information

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