quiver.time library


Provides points in time relative to the current point in time, for example: now, 2 days ago, 4 weeks from now, etc. [...]


aDay → const Duration
const Duration(days: 1)
aMicrosecond → const Duration
const Duration(microseconds: 1)
aMillisecond → const Duration
const Duration(milliseconds: 1)
aMinute → const Duration
const Duration(minutes: 1)
anHour → const Duration
const Duration(hours: 1)
aSecond → const Duration
const Duration(seconds: 1)
aWeek → const Duration
const Duration(days: 7)


clampDayOfMonth({int year, int month, int day}) → int
Takes a date that may be outside the allowed range of dates for a given month in a given year and returns the closest date that is within the allowed range. [...]
daysInMonth(int year, int month) → int
Returns the number of days in the specified month. [...]
isLeapYear(int year) → bool
Returns true if year is a leap year. [...]
systemTime() → DateTime
Return current system time.


TimeFunction() → DateTime
Returns current time.