quiver.async library Null safety


A simple countdown timer that fires events in regular increments until a duration has passed. [...]
A Stream that will emit the same values as the stream returned by future once future completes. [...]
A stream of DateTime events at intervals centered on anchor. [...]
Allow orderly reading of elements from a datastream, such as Socket, which might not receive List<int> bytes regular chunks. [...]
Splits a Stream of events into multiple Streams based on a set of predicates. [...]


byteStreamToString(Stream<List<int>> stream, {Encoding encoding = utf8}) Future<String>
Converts a Stream of byte lists to a String.
collect<T>(Iterable<Future<T>> futures) Stream<T>
Returns a stream of completion events for the input futures. [...]
concat<T>(Iterable<Stream<T>> streams) Stream<T>
Returns the concatenation of the input streams. [...]
enumerate<T>(Stream<T> stream) Stream<IndexedValue<T>>
Returns a Stream of IndexedValues where the nth value holds the nth element of stream and its index.

Exceptions / Errors

Underflow errors happen when the socket feeding a buffer is finished while there are still blocked readers. Each reader will complete with this error.