applyStyle method

  1. @override
void applyStyle(
  1. NotusStyle value

Applies new style value to this node. Provided value is merged into current style.


void applyStyle(NotusStyle value) {
  assert(value != null && (value.isInline || value.isEmpty),
      'Style cannot be applied to this leaf node: $value');
  assert(() {
    if (value.contains(NotusAttribute.embed)) {
      if (value.get(NotusAttribute.embed) == NotusAttribute.embed.unset) {
        throw 'Unsetting embed attribute is not allowed. '
            'This operation means that the embed itself must be deleted from the document. '
            'Make sure there is FormatEmbedsRule in your heuristics registry, '
            'which is responsible for handling this scenario.';
      if (this is! EmbedNode) {
        throw 'Embed style can only be applied to an EmbedNode.';
    return true;