Get access to the powerful yet simple subscription analytics:

  • Conversion from install to paying user, MRR, LTV, churn and other metrics.
  • Feed the advertising and analytics tools you are already using with the data on high-value users to improve your ads targeting and marketing ROAS.



To use Qonversion in your Flutter app, add qonversion as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

  qonversion_flutter: ^0.2

Run flutter pub get to install dependency.


You need to configure Qonversion once at a starting point of your app.

For example, launch Qonversion in initState of your top level widget:

import 'package:qonversion_flutter/qonversion.dart';


void initState() {
    iosApiKey: 'YOUR_IOS_API_KEY',
    androidApiKey: 'YOUR_ANDROID_API_KEY',
    onComplete: (uid) => print(uid),


Usually Qonversion will track purchases automatically.

Still, there are few ways to launch Qonversion:

  1. Launches Qonversion SDK with the given API keys for each platform: androidApiKey and iosApiKey respectively. onComplete will return uid for Ads integrations.
static Future<void> launchWith({
  String androidApiKey,
  String iosApiKey,
  void Function(String) onComplete,
  1. Same as previous but allows you to specify client side userid (instead of Qonversion user-id) that will be used for matching data in the third party data:
static Future<void> launchWithClientSideUserId(
    String userID, {
    String androidApiKey,
    String iosApiKey,
  1. Under development. Same as previous but allows you to turn off auto tracking purchases and track it manually.
static Future<void> launchWithAutoTrackPurchases(
    bool autoTrackPurchases, {
    String androidApiKey,
    String iosApiKey,
    void Function(String) onComplete,


Qonversion SDK is available under the MIT license.