Qonversion provides full in-app purchases infrastructure, so you do not need to build your own server for receipt validation.

Implement in-app subscriptions, validate user receipts, check subscription status, and provide access to your app features and content using our StoreKit wrapper and Google Play Billing wrapper.

Check the documentation to learn details on implementing and using Qonversion SDKs.

Pub MIT License

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  1. Application calls the purchase method to initialize Qonversion SDK.
  2. Qonversion SDK communicates with StoreKit or Google Billing Client to make a purchase.
  3. If a purchase is successful, the SDK sends a request to Qonversion API for server-to-server purchase validation. Qonversion server receives accurate information on the in-app purchase status and user entitlements.
  4. SDK returns control to the application with a processing state.


Monitor your in-app revenue metrics. Understand your customers and make better decisions with precise subscription revenue data.


Share your iOS and Android in-app subscription data with your favorite platforms.


Qonversion SDK is available under the MIT license.