StoreTransaction.create constructor

const StoreTransaction.create(
  1. String transactionIdentifier,
  2. @Deprecated('Use transactionIdentifier instead.') @JsonKey(readValue: _readRevenueCatIdentifier) String revenueCatIdentifier,
  3. String productIdentifier,
  4. String purchaseDate

Experimental. This factory method is subject to changes without a major release.


const factory StoreTransaction.create(
  /// RevenueCat Id associated to the transaction.
  String transactionIdentifier,

  /// Deprecated: Use transactionIdentifier instead.
  @Deprecated('Use transactionIdentifier instead.')
  // ignore: invalid_annotation_target
  @JsonKey(readValue: _readRevenueCatIdentifier)
      String revenueCatIdentifier,

  /// Product Id associated with the transaction.
  String productIdentifier,

  /// Purchase date of the transaction in ISO 8601 format.
  String purchaseDate,
) = _StoreTransaction;