sendMessageToTarget method Null safety

  1. @Deprecated('This command is deprecated')
Future<void> sendMessageToTarget(
  1. String message,
  2. {SessionID? sessionId,
  3. @Deprecated('This parameter is deprecated') TargetID? targetId}

Sends protocol message over session with given id. Consider using flat mode instead; see commands attachToTarget, setAutoAttach, and sessionId Identifier of the session.


@Deprecated('This command is deprecated')
Future<void> sendMessageToTarget(String message,
    {SessionID? sessionId,
    @Deprecated('This parameter is deprecated') TargetID? targetId}) async {
  await _client.send('Target.sendMessageToTarget', {
    'message': message,
    if (sessionId != null) 'sessionId': sessionId,
    if (targetId != null) 'targetId': targetId,