exposeDevToolsProtocol method Null safety

Future<void> exposeDevToolsProtocol(
  1. TargetID targetId,
  2. {String? bindingName}

Inject object to the target's main frame that provides a communication channel with browser target.

Injected object will be available as window[bindingName].

The object has the follwing API:

  • binding.send(json) - a method to send messages over the remote debugging protocol
  • binding.onmessage = json => handleMessage(json) - a callback that will be called for the protocol notifications and command responses. bindingName Binding name, 'cdp' if not specified.


Future<void> exposeDevToolsProtocol(TargetID targetId,
    {String? bindingName}) async {
  await _client.send('Target.exposeDevToolsProtocol', {
    'targetId': targetId,
    if (bindingName != null) 'bindingName': bindingName,