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This is a dart tool for the release automation of cross-platform apps.

Google Play

For using the Google Play features a Google Cloud service account with the correct permissions is needed. Have a look at the Google documentation for more information.

Very important: The GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable is needed with the correct path to the JSON file that contains your service account key.

Uploading an app bundle

publisher googleplay uploadBundle -p PATHTOAPPBUNDLE -n PACKAGENAME

Create a new release

publisher googleplay release -n PACKAGENAME -t TRACK -v VERSION -s STATUS --releaseName RELEASENAME --releaseNotes NOTES

App Store Connect

Very important: The following three environment variables are needed to be setup correctly:

  • APPLE_API_KEY with the correct path to the p8 file that contains your API key
  • APPLE_API_KEY_ISSUER with the issuer of the API key
  • APPLE_API_KEY_ID the id of the API key

To get your authentication credentials, please follow the documentation by Apple.


List all provisioning profiles

publisher appstoreconnect listProfiles

Install a specific provisioning profile (only on MacOS)

publisher appstoreconnect installProfile --profileId <your profile id>


If you see following error Error 400: Only releases with status draft may be created on draft app you first need to get your app out of the draft status.

This can be done by uploading manually a release to the Closed Testing track, that's it.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.