Dart pub package

A library to reflect on the local pub cache.

Update - discontinued

As per https://github.com/google/pub_cache/issues/48 we've discontinued this package. It was no longer used by the Dart team and has limited ecosystem usage. Possible recourse for people who are using it is listed in that issue.

How do I use it?

pub_cache lets you reflect on the information in your Pub cache. For example, to find all the applications that have been activated:

PubCache cache = new PubCache();

for (Application app in cache.getGlobalApplications()) {
  print('activated app: ${app.name}, version: ${app.version}');

Some other interesting use cases:

  • finding all the activated applications whose defining package has a specific meta-data file
  • given a package name, locate the directory on disk for that package, and using that location to read resources contained in the package
  • finding the latest non-dev version of all the packages in the cache

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


A programmatic API for reflecting on Pub's cache directory.