InheritedProvider<T> constructor Null safety

  1. {Key? key,
  2. Create<T>? create,
  3. T update(
    1. BuildContext context,
    2. T? value
  4. UpdateShouldNotify<T>? updateShouldNotify,
  5. void debugCheckInvalidValueType(
    1. T value
  6. StartListening<T>? startListening,
  7. Dispose<T>? dispose,
  8. TransitionBuilder? builder,
  9. bool? lazy,
  10. Widget? child}

Creates a value, then expose it to its descendants.

The value will be disposed of when InheritedProvider is removed from the widget tree.


  Key? key,
  Create<T>? create,
  T Function(BuildContext context, T? value)? update,
  UpdateShouldNotify<T>? updateShouldNotify,
  void Function(T value)? debugCheckInvalidValueType,
  StartListening<T>? startListening,
  Dispose<T>? dispose,
  bool? lazy,
  Widget? child,
})  : _lazy = lazy,
      _delegate = _CreateInheritedProvider(
        create: create,
        update: update,
        updateShouldNotify: updateShouldNotify,
        debugCheckInvalidValueType: debugCheckInvalidValueType,
        startListening: startListening,
        dispose: dispose,
      super(key: key, child: child);