ProtoFu - let me compile that for you

ProtoFu exists to make working with protobufs easier. Gone are the days of downloading protoc and the dart protoc_plugin. We make it easier to download and depend, compile, and keeping track of other proto repositories (googleapis as an example).

Note: This is not an officially supported Google product

ProtoFu will (through protobuf.yaml configuration)

  • Download the version of protoc you define or a sensible version.
  • Download the version of protoc_plugin.
  • Clone protobufs libraries from github - assuming you have git installed.
  • Reference protobuf libraries in relative or absolute paths.
  • Process your protobufs to discover their transitive dependencies.
  • Compile all the protobufs into a configurable lib/src/generated folder.

At least, that's the hope.

Example runs: asciicast

Eventual goal:

  • dart pub global activate protofu
  • protofu then helps you.