bazelOptionId top-level constant

String const bazelOptionId

Dart protoc plugin option for Bazel packages.

This option takes a semicolon-separated list of Bazel package metadata in package_name|input_root|output_root form. input_root designates the directory relative to which input protos are located -- typically the root of the Bazel package, where the BUILD file is located. output_root designates the directory relative to which generated .pb.dart outputs are emitted -- typically the package's lib/ directory under the genfiles directory specified by genfiles_dir in the Bazel configuration. Generated outputs are emitted at the same path relative to output_root as the input proto is found relative to input_root.

For example, using|foo/bar|foo/bar/lib:

  • foo/bar/baz.proto will generate foo/bar/lib/baz.pb.dart
  • foo/bar/a/b/baz.proto will generate foo/bar/lib/a/b/baz.pb.dart


const bazelOptionId = 'BazelPackages';