Progress Loader Overlay Flutter Package

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A flutter package to show an easy to use and fully customizable progress loader as an overlay.

The overlay abstract all the logic of managing it's own state for you so you don't have to worry about having 2 progress loaders showing at the same time if you call the show method more than once at the same time.

You have full control over the widget shown in the loader too, including any animation. You could even play a video there, or some soothing elevator music, up to you.

You also have access to a modified version of WillPopScope that makes it a breath to react when users press the back button when your loader is showing (and either prevent navigation or allow it and dismiss the loader).

Showing and dismissing the loader is as simple as that:

    await ProgressLoader().show(context);
    await Future<void>.delayed(Duration(seconds: 2));
    await ProgressLoader().dismiss();

Using your own widget for the loader is as simple as that:

    ProgressLoader().widgetBuilder = (context, _) => MyLoaderWidget();

You can also change your loader widget at runtime whenever you want!