Flutter package to help you create your customized profile wheel. There are many options available to customize the wheel. The following example only covers the required parameters. But it is possible to set all colors/shades etc.

alt text

Getting Started


  itemConfig: WheelItemConfig(
    icon1: Icons.monetization_on,
    onTapCallback1: () {},
    shadowOffset1: Offset(-2, -2),
    title1: "123 Coins",
    icon2: Icons.person_add_alt_1,
    onTapCallback2: () {},
    shadowOffset2: Offset(2, -2),
    title2: "5 Friends",
    icon3: Icons.post_add,
    onTapCallback3: () {},
    shadowOffset3: Offset(-4, 8),
    title3: "7 Posts",
    icon4: Icons.add_moderator,
    onTapCallback4: () {},
    shadowOffset4: Offset(4, 8),
    title4: "3 Badges",
  dividerColor: Colors.grey[300],
  backgroundColor: Colors.white,
  dividerWeight: 1,
  preSelected: 3,
  imageProvider: NetworkImage(""),