product_barcode 100% compatible with country_icons

Flutter package for fast search country of product by barcode

source of barcode country value

How to:

import 'package:productbarcode/barcode_model.dart' as ProductBarcode;

Barcode _barcode = Barcode.parsBarcode(barcode: '9000100924597');
print(_barcode.countryFlagCode); // AT
print(_barcode.countryFlagCode); // Austria

How to use product_barcode with country_icons

you need install country_icons for your project before this code can be run Don't forget to import package

import 'package:country_icons/country_icons.dart';
import 'package:productbarcode/barcode_model.dart' as ProductBarcode;

ProductBarcode.Barcode _barcode = ProductBarcode.Barcode.parsBarcode(
        barcode: recognitionProvider.productToViewModel.barcode);
    String flag = _barcode.countryFlagCode;

new Image.asset(
              package: 'country_icons',
              scale: 3,

Hope it will bring one more smile in your day :)

created by No-Garb Team

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