A unique token generator
Hecho en 🇵🇷 Radamés J. Valentín Reyes

Importing the library

import 'package:power_plant/power_plant.dart';

Generate a unique alphanumeric/symbol combination(token) that should not repeat(in theory(must be greater than or equal to 18 to avoid repeating the token))

String token = uniqueToken(tokenLength: 50);
print("My randomly generated token is:");
print(token);//Prints something like 22V4Q[e2G47)21cà°69CN D24¥BG8344

Generate a unique alphanumeric combination

String alphanumeric = uniqueAlphanumeric(tokenLength: 40);
print(alphanumeric);//Prints something like P20UVOV2G2TL5211481OVU83UES07PJQM1MVGQE4

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