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A plugin to access information about position sensors.


The PositionSensors class contains all methods and events listeners.

import 'package:position_sensors/position_sensors.dart';

// Listen to rotation events
PositionSensors.rotationEvents.listen((event) {
    print("Rotation vector: [x: ${event.x}, y: ${event.x}, z: ${event.z}]")
    // Rotation vector: [x: 0.0, y: 0.0, z: 0.0]

print(await PositionSensors.supportedSensors);
// [proximity, rotation]

final int SENSOR_DELAY_GAME = 1;
await PositionSensors.setDelay(1);
print(await PositionSensors.delay);
// 1

// the maximum value, especially useful for binary proximity sensors
print(await PositionSensors.proximityFarValue);

The following sensors are available:

Combination of sensors Listener Output
accelerometer + gyroscope + magnetometer rotationEvents RotationEvent
accelerometer + gyroscope gameRotationEvents RotationEvent
accelerometer + magnetometer magneticRotationEvents RotationEvent
magnetometer magneticFieldEvents MagneticFieldEvent
magnetometer uncalibratedMagneticFieldEvents MagneticFieldEvent
proximity proximityEvents ProximityEvent

See more in https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/sensors/sensors_position.