Pokepay Flutter SDK

API Document reference

Please refer to this document


  1. In the pubspec.yaml of the project, add the following:
   pokepay_flutter_sdk: ^YOUR_VERSION
  1. Then run this
flutter pub get
  1. Then you can use Pokepay SDK in your project.


  1. How to use OAthClient with FlutterWebAuth
PokepayOAuthClient oauthClient = PokepayOAuthClient(clientId: YOUR_CLIENT_ID,clientSecret: YOUR_CLIENT_SCRET, env: APIEnv.DEVELOPMENT);
String authUrl = oauthClient.getAuthorizationUrl();
String result = await FlutterWebAuth.authenticate(url: authUrl, callbackUrlScheme: 'pocketchange'));
AccessToken accessToken = await oauthClient.getAccessToken(Uri.parse(result).queryParameters['code']));
  1. How to use the client
PokepayAPI(env: APIEnv.YOUR_ENV,accessToken: YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN,);
  1. Call API, for example, create account
PokepayAPI api = PokepayAPI(env: APIEnv.YOUR_ENV,accessToken: YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN,);
Account createdAccount = await api.createAccount(name:your_wallet_name, privateMoneyId: your_private_money_id);