A library for searching for podcasts, parsing podcast RSS feeds and obtaining episodes details. Supports searching via iTunes and PodcastIndex (preview).


Search for podcasts with 'widgets' in the title and find the top podcasts. Both examples limit to 10 results and are set for the United Kingdom:

import 'package:podcast_search/podcast_search.dart';

main() async {
  var search = Search();

  /// Search for podcasts with 'widgets' in the title.
  SearchResult results = await search.search("widgets",
      country: Country.UNITED_KINGDOM,
      limit: 10);

  /// List the name of each podcast found.
  results.items?.forEach((result) {
    print("Found podcast: ${result.trackName}");

  /// Parse the first podcast.
  Podcast podcast = await Podcast.loadFeed(url: results.items[0].feedUrl);

  /// Display episode titles.
  podcast.episodes?.forEach((episode) {
    print("Episode title: ${episode.title}");

  /// Find the top 10 podcasts in the UK.
  var charts = await search.charts(limit: 10, country: Country.UNITED_KINGDOM);

  /// List the name of each podcast found.
  charts.items?.forEach((result) {
    print('Episode title: ${result.trackName}');