Pluto Code Editor

This is a complete code editor with line number, syntax highlighting and an output window. It is made for python programming, specifically for bonicPython which runs inside Pluto (a modular robotic kit).


  1. Editor with line number
  2. Syntax highlighting
  3. Various Themes including darcula, android_studio etc
  4. Output window which listen to a stream
  5. Special charectors keyboard_bar for easy coding :).

Getting started

The Example provided is pretty much everything you need to get started.


return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        backgroundColor: const Color(0xff0088CC),
        elevation: 0,
        title: const Text("Pluto Code Editor"),
      endDrawer: PlutoOutputViewer(
        controller: controller,
      body: PlutoCodeEditor(
        controller: controller,
      floatingActionButtonLocation: FloatingActionButtonLocation.centerDocked,
      floatingActionButton: PlutoEditorBottomBar(
        controller: controller,
        keys: const [
        onCodeRun: () {
          isRunning = true;
          void showHelloWorld() async {
            if (!isRunning) return;
            streamController.sink.add("Hello world\n");
            await Future.delayed(const Duration(milliseconds: 200));

        onPause: () {
          isRunning = false;

Additional information

The package is made specifically to work inside 'Pluto Code' which is an integrated platform for learn programming with pluto hardware. Pluto is a modular robotic kit to learn next-generation technology skills such as robotcs, AI, electronics and programming. Feel free to check out