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Playify is a Flutter plugin for play/pause/seek songs, fetching music metadata, and browsing music library. Playify was built using iOS's MediaPlayer Framework and Android's MediaPlayer to fetch and play music from the users music library. Checkout the documentation.


  • iOS: >= iOS 10.3
  • Android SDK: >= 21


import 'package:playify/playify.dart';

//Create an instance
Playify myplayer = Playify();

//Play from the latest queue.

//Fetch all songs from the user's device.
var artists = await myplayer.getAllSongs(sort: true);

//Fetch song information about the currently playing song in the queue.
var songInfo = await myplayer.nowPlaying();

//Set the queue using songID's.
await myplayer.setQueue(songIDs: songIDs);

//Skip to the next song in the queue.

//Skip to the previous song in the queue.
await myplayer.previous();

//Set the playback time of the song.
await myplayer.setPlaybackTime(time);

//Set the shuffle mode.
await myplayer.setShuffleMode(mode);


  • For iOS, Playify uses iOS's MediaPlayer framework. This makes Playify available only on iOS >= 10.3. Make sure to specify the minimum version of the supported iOS version of your app from Xcode.

  • Getting All Songs: For geting all songs from the Apple Music library of the iPhone, you can specify whether to sort the artists. The songs are sorted by their track number, and the albums are sorted alphabetically. The cover art of each album is fetched individually, and you can specify the size of the cover art. The larger the cover art, the more amount of RAM it consumes and longer it takes to fetch. In my case, the default value takes about 1-2 seconds with 800+ songs.


  • For Android, Playify uses Android's MediaPlayer framework. It is available for Android SDK 21+. Make sure to set the minimum version of your app using minSdkVersion.


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