A Flutter package gen platform's source code, include Android or iOS, Web ....



platforms_source_gen providers utilities from automated source code generation from Dart file.

When you build flutter as a Module in Android, iOS or other platform, you have to write some same function code.

eg: Route Path

When you dump to a android page, and then you dump to flutter page, and dump to android page...
you can use some package, like flutter_boost dump:

in android:

public class Route {
    public static final String android_page1 = "/android/page1";
    public static final String android_page2 = "/android/page2";
    public static final String flutter_page1 = "/flutter/page1";
    public static final String flutter_page2 = "/flutter/page2";

in flutter:

class Route {
  static const String android_page1 = "/android/page1";
  static const String android_page2 = "/android/page2";
  static const String flutter_page1 = "/flutter/page1";
  static const String flutter_page2 = "/flutter/page2";

in iOS:

@interface MQQFlutterGen_Route : NSObject

@property (nonatomic, strong) String *main_page;
@property (nonatomic, strong) String *mine_main;
@property (nonatomic, assign) int int_value;


and Swift code or js code ... this tools can let you only write dart code, and auto generates other platform's code.

Quick Start

01 Step

Add a dependency on platforms_source_gen in your pubspec.yaml file and use dart pub get down this package:

  platforms_source_gen: version

the versions click this, more installing info, you can see this

02 Step

write your dart class file in flutter project path and format it, for example: ./lib/example :

Note: Format is very import, it will fail if dart file have no format.

class InnerClass {
  String a;
  int b;

class Route {
  static const String main_page = "/main/page"; //main page
  static const String mine_main = "/mine/main"; //
  static const int int_value = 123;

more example class, your can get it from github.

03 Step

write a main fun in ./test/any.dart and run:

Note: the any.dart is in test dir

import 'package:platforms_source_gen/platforms_source_gen.dart';
void main() async {
  List<GenClassBean> genClassBeans = await platforms_source_gen_init(
    "./lib/example", //you dart file path
      "com.siyehua.example", //javaPackage
      "./Android_gen", // androidSavePath
      nullSafe: true);
      "MQQFlutterGen_", // iOS Pre
      "./iOS_gen", //iOS save path
      nullSafe: true);

now, you can find the android file in your custom path ./Android_gen, or Objective-C file in ./iOS_gen.


class support
abstract class(interface)

Note: abstract class must not have any implemented methods, property must not have any default value.

method support

Note: Support abstract method in abstract class, but don't support method not in class.

Type support Android iOS
bool Boolean BOOL
int Long int
double Double double
String String NSString
Uint8List byte[] NSData
Int32List int[] NSData
Int64List long[] NSData
Float64List double[] NSData
List< T > ArrayList<> NSArray
Map<T, U> HashMap<T, U> NSDictionary
Object id
Custom Class

Note: Currently don't support List a= [];, because it's the same as List<dynamic> a =[];, , and dynamic feature doesn't support, Map is same.


  1. Why add package in dev_dependencies?
    because this tool only use to create other platform language, so we don't need to add it in dependencies.
  2. It's the same with source_gen or builder?
    the source_gen will create dart code, but this tool create other platform codes.

For more questions, you can go to issues