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Cross-platform io/html package. Works on the web, mobile phones, desktops and console. Fully caches itself on first initialization.

Easy to use, just add to pubspec.yaml as dependency and then import: import 'package:platform_info/platform_info.dart';

Platform is a singleton, and the default way to access an instance of Platform is to call static getters: Platform.instance or Platform.I or platform


Example of using the library to get the current platform info

Platform Information

Provides platform information such as:

  • Build mode

    • release
    • profile
    • debug
  • Host platform type

    • io (vm, desktops, mobile, console)
    • web (html, js, browser)
  • Operating system

    • Fuchsia
    • Linux
    • MacOS
    • Windows
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Unknown
  • Version (<unknown> if not available)

  • Locale string (en if not available)

  • The number of individual execution units of the machine (0 if not available)

  • Operating system is a known type

  • Is a Web-based applications

  • Is a I/O supporting for non-web applications

  • Is a mobile device (Android, iOS)

  • Is a desktop device (Windows, macOS, Fuchsia)

  • Is Material design device (Android, Fuchsia)

  • Is Cupertino design device (macOS, iOS)

  • is Linux

  • is macOS

  • is Windows

  • is android

  • is iOS

  • is fuchsia

  • when method allowing to compose a complex condition

Pattern matching

Run functions that satisfy the current state of the platform. You can use nested methods to compose more complex queries.

Operating System

fuchsia - whether the operating system is a version of Fuchsia windows - whether the operating system is a version of Windows android - whether the operating system is a version of Android iOS - whether the operating system is a version of iOS macOS - whether the operating system is a version of MacOS linux - whether the operating system is a version of Linux unknown - operating system unknown


material - is material (Android, Fuchsia) cupertino - is cupertino (macOS, iOS)

Mobile or desktop

mobile - is mobile device (Android, iOS) desktop - is desktop device (Windows, MacOS, Fuchsia)

IO or Web

web - is web-based applications io - is I/O supporting for non-web applications

Build mode

release - release build mode profile - profile build mode debug - debug build mode orElse - any callback was not called

Sequence of checks
  1. Operating System
  2. Design
  3. Mobile/Desktop
  4. IO/Web
  5. Build mode
  6. Call orElse if any callback was not called



Refer to the Changelog to get all release notes.


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