This package combines MaterialIcons, CupertinoIcons and FluentUI icons and return the icon based on the platform your app is running on. Making it easier to make your crossplatform app look like it was build specifically for that platform.

Example: Example

Online example with all supported icons is available at

How to use

This packages uses a similair approach as the normal Icon widget. Instead of writing: Icon(Icons._____) you can write: PlatformIcon(PlatformIcons.____) which has the same input parameters as the normal Icon widget.

  • double? size
  • double? fill
  • double? weight
  • double? grade
  • double? opticalSize
  • Color? color
  • List<Shadow>? shadows
  • String? semanticLabel
  • TextDirection? textDirection

Supported icons

Not all icons from each icon library are included, to see all supported icons go to the online example

Like to contribute?

Feel free to help us improve this package by creating issues, pull request etc. For any questions you can email