Places Service

A service that Wraps the Google places Api through the google_maps_webservice package and provides an easy interface to work with and handle in your code.

How To use


To start off you have to call initialise an pass in your api key

      apiKey: 'PUT_YOUR_KEY_HERE',

If you're using the setup recommended by FilledStacks this can be done in the StartUpViewModel.

Get Automcomplete Suggestions

When this is complete you can get your Suggestions for an address using the getAutoComplete function.

final autoCompleteSuggestions = await _placesService.getAutoComplete('cape town');

That will return a list of auto complete suggestions to you.

Get Places Details

Once you have the places id you want to get you can make a request to getPlaceDetails to get all the details google has available for that place.

final placeDetails = await _placesService.getPlaceDetails('ID_FROM_AUTO_COMPLETE');