Placeholder Images

Placeholder for images. You can use the simple method to get a unique image for each user just like Google or Microsoft Teams. The image consists of initials of the user name.


You can use this function like this:

  1. Call the static method of library
var url = PlaceholderImage.getPlaceholderImageURL("name")

This will return a link which you can load in your UI by using cached image library or any other library like this. Every time you call this link with a unique name will result a unique image with different text on it.

It works just like Google or Microsoft Teams placeholder images.

  1. Change Settings

You have many options available in the library. You can play with them to get best as you want.

Below is the list of properties:

  1. Text Color (Hex Color String)
  2. Background Color (Hex Color String)
  3. Random Background (true or false)
  4. Size (16 to 512)
  5. Font Size (0.1 to 1)
  6. Length (Greater then zero)
  7. Rounded (true or false)
  8. Bold (true or false)
  9. Uppercase (true or false)
  10. SVG (true or false)
var url = PlaceholderImage.getPlaceholderImageURL(
                textColor: "FFFFFF",
                backgroundColor: "000000",
                randomBackground: true,
                size: 256,
                fontSize: 0.5,
                length: 2,
                rounded: false,
                bold: false,
                uppercase: false,
                isSvg: false,

This way you can change settings of the image.