TODO: gRPC is a modern, open source, high performance Remote Procedure Call (RPC) framework that can run in any environment. It allows you to directly call a client application as if it was a local service. You can also efficiently stream data between services. Moreover, Google APIs support requests via gRPC, allowing you to build efficient, high-throughput systems.


TODO: In this blogpost, we’ll introduce the gRPC protocol and how you can use them in Cloud Run!

Getting started

TODO: gRPC clients and servers can run and talk to each other in a variety of environments — from servers inside Google, to your own desktop — and can be written in any of gRPC’s supported languages. For example, you can easily create a gRPC server in Java with clients in Go, Python, or Ruby.


TODO: ** For auth midleware

import 'package:pkg_callgrpcrun/pkg_callgrpcrun.dart';

    final callgrpc = Cloudrun();

    callgrpc.SECERT_JWT = 'ihavealongpassword';
    callgrpc.R_USER = 'admin';
    callgrpc.Uri = 'localhost';

    var pathRoute = "getData";

    var bodyData = {
      "phone": "+66885257777",
      "otpCode": "778747",
      "refCode": "orxh4f",
      "fromBU": "Qsms",

    var data = await callgrpc.callgrpc(bodyData, pathRoute);
    // data = json.decode(data);
    // var data2 = json.decode(data);