Pitch detector dart library

A dart library for pitch detection. It implements the yin algorithm ported from the tarsosDSP library by Joren Six.

Getting started

To import the library into your project, go to your project pubspec.yaml and add the dependency:

  pitch_detector_dart: ^0.0.2


//Create a new pitch detector and set the sample rate and buffer size  
final pitchDetectorDart = PitchDetector(44100, 2000);

//Call the get pitch method passing as a parameter the audio sample (List<double>) to detect a pitch 
final result = pitchDetectorDart.getPitch(audioSample);

See the full example here: https://github.com/techpotatoes/pitchup_flutter_sample

The result will contain:

  • pitch: The pitch extracted from the audio sample if existent
  • probability: The probability of the pitch found
  • pitched: A flag to indicated if a pitch was identified or not from the sample given


Please, drop me an email if you have any suggestions, problems or feedback. Feel free to submit a pull request if you improved the library and want to share it.

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