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Component definitions for Dart

This framework is part of the Pip.Services project. It defines standard component definitions that can be used to build applications and services:

  • Auth - authentication credential stores

  • Build - factories

  • Cache - distributed cache

  • Component - the root package

  • Config - configuration readers

  • Connect - connection discovery services

  • Count - performance counters

  • Info - context info

  • Lock - distributed locks

  • Log - logging components

  • Test - test components

  • Component - root package

Quick Links:

  • Warning! Config package now not work with condition {{#if var}} something {{/}} in config files. Use Mustache syntax, for example {{#var}} something {{/var}}


The library is created and maintained by Sergey Seroukhov and Levichev Dmitry.

The documentation is written by Egor Nuzhnykh, Alexey Dvoykin, Mark Makarychev, Levichev Dmitry.