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Portable Abstractions and Patterns for Dart

This framework is part of the Pip.Services project. It provides portable abstractions and patterns that can be used to implement non-trivial business logic in applications and services.

This framework's key difference is its portable implementation across a variety of different languages. It currently supports Java, .NET, Python, Node.js, Dart, and Golang. The code provides a reasonably thin abstraction layer over most fundamental functions and delivers symmetric implementation that can be quickly ported between different platforms.

The framework's functionality is decomposed into several packages:

  • Commands - commanding and eventing patterns
  • Config - configuration framework
  • Convert - soft value converters
  • Data - data patterns
  • Errors - application errors
  • Random - random data generators
  • Refer - locator (IoC) pattern
  • Reflect - reflection framework
  • Run - execution framework
  • Validate - validation framework

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The library is created and maintained by Sergey Seroukhov, Levichev Dmitry, Alexey Dvoykin.

The documentation is written by Egor Nuzhnykh, Alexey Dvoykin, Mark Makarychev, Levichev Dmitry.