A widget based on Flutter's new Interactive Viewer that makes picture pinch zoom, and return to its initial size and position when released.

This package offers Instagram based pinch zooming that feels more responsive than other similar packages.

This package is based on the recent Interactive Viewer that Flutter introduced since version 1.20.

The package is designed for zooming in on images, however it can also be used to zoom in on a video.

This pinch zooming is used in my app Palbum:

Example one Example two


Add this to your pubspec.yaml dependencies:

pinch_zoom: ^1.0.0

How to use

Add the widget to your app like this (It automatically takes the size of the image you pass to it):

    resetDuration: const Duration(milliseconds: 100),
    maxScale: 2.5,
    onZoomStart: (){print('Start zooming');},
    onZoomEnd: (){print('Stop zooming');},