Customizable Timer package with a pie animation for Flutter.

This package can render a circular countdown timer with animated pie-shaped progress.



Please check the bottom for more previews.


  • Countdown any duration.
  • Change progress direction, forward or reverse.
  • Customizable colors, widths, radius, shadow and text style.
  • Callback functions when animation is completed or dismissed.
  • Callback functions to start, stop and reset the animation.
  • Custom AnimationController to reach the controller functions.
  • Built-in GestureDetector. Tap to alternate between play and pause. Long tap to reset the animation.

PieTimer Parameters

Name Type Default Value Description
key Key null Key for PieTimer.
pieAnimationController PieAnimationController? null Controls (Start, Pause, Restart) for external buttons.
duration Duration required Countdown duration.
radius double required To determine the size of the pie.
pieColor Color required Background color of the pie.
fillColor Color required Pie progress color.
borderColor Color? null Sets borderColor. If null then there will be no border.
borderWidth double? null Sets borderWidth. If null then there will be no border
shadowColor Color The shadow color.
shadowElevation double 0.0 Shadow elevation. The value is non-negative.
isReverse bool false Sets the direction of pie progress. False is Clockwise, True is Anti-Clockwise.
textStyle TextStyle? null TextStyle of timer text.
enableTouchControls bool? false Enable start, stop and reset on touch of Pie Widget.
onCompleted VoidCallback? null Function to run when animation status is completed.
onDismissed VoidCallback? null Function to run when animation status is dismissed.

Getting started

Run this command:

flutter pub add pie_timer

Or add the latest version of pie_timer as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Then run flutter pub get


Without the PieAnimationController.

    duration: const Duration(seconds: 10),
    radius: 150,
    borderColor: Colors.yellow,
    borderWidth: 15,
    shadowElevation: 10.0,
    textStyle: const TextStyle(
        color: Colors.white,
        fontSize: 40,
        fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
    isReverse: false,
    onCompleted: () => {},
    onDismissed: () => {},
    enableTouchControls: true,

With PieAnimationController

Please refer to /example/main.dart folder to see how to use.

Additional information

Please feel free to contribute.

Watch How It's Developed

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